Priority Lead People Action Resources Time Success Criteria
Availability of written material in alternative formats. DH / HT Staff aware of services available through LA.

Disabled people aware of facilities through signs and newsletters etc.

Improve availability of information for parents – display appropriate leaflets for parents to collect.

Contact details & cost of translation / adaptation. In place & ongoing. Information to disabled pupils / parents as appropriate. Written information available in alternative formats. Take-up of information leaflets by parents.
Training for teachers on differentiating the curriculum and effective communication with parents SENCo DH / HT Staff training and meetings with parents of SEN pupils arranged Training time

TA time allocated

In place & ongoing Increased access to the curriculum Needs of all learners met Parents fully informed
Training for staff on increasing access to the curriculum for disabled pupils SENCo DH Staff training on visual impairments.


Training time

TA time allocated

In place & ongoing Increased access to the curriculum Needs of all learners met
Appropriate use of specialised equipment to benefit individual pupils and staff SENCo DH/HT Specific training in word processing skills through Touch Type Programme.


Sloping boards for pupils with fatigue problems or physical/visual disability.

Coloured overlays for pupils with visual difficulty. Specially shaped pencils and pens for pupils with grip difficulty.

Staff trained as appropriate.

Specialist equipment as listed In place & ongoing Increased access to the Curriculum

Needs of all learners met.

Appropriate uses of colour schemes for internal / external decoration to benefit pupils with visual impairments SENCo  / HT/ caretaker To review and update following discussions with adviser and parents and pupils.

Follow advice on contrasting colours & re-decorate as necessary.

Purchase chairs of contrasting colours to the floor.

Purchase soft barriers for outside area.

Build into maintenance budget

Cost of redecoration

In place & ongoing Physical accessibility of school increased.

Areas maintained on a regular basis.

Advisories from visual impairment teacher put into place.

Provision of wheelchair accessible toilet Caretaker / HT Maintain a wheelchair accessible toilet. Maintain disabled toilet. In place and ongoing Physical accessibility of school increased Wheelchair accessible toilet in the school.
Fit grab rails where necessary to aid movement around the school. Caretaker/ HT/Senco Maintain grab rails around school site, including classrooms and other appropriate locations. Cost of new grab rails as needed. In place and ongoing Accessibility of school & play areas increased. Physically impaired pupils able to access all areas. Movement around school review and update following discussions with adviser. All areas regularly reviewed.


Improvements to help the visually impaired Caretaker/ HT/Senco External steps highlighted in yellow / non-slip paint

Transitions in the foundation stage area through to the discovery room and hall highlighted.

Outside area barriers purchased.


Cost of decoration. Cost of barriers. In place and on-going Hazards highlighted to increase safety for visually impaired people. All areas monitored and maintained.
Access into school and reception to be fully compliant Caretaker/ HT Designated disabled parking.

Clear route through school for disabled people, allowing access to all areas.

In place and ongoing. Physical accessibility of school increased
Improve signage to indicate access routes around school Caretaker / HT Signs indicate disabled parking bays and wheelchair friendly routes around school

Provide access plan of building in reception area

Cost of signs ongoing Disabled people aware of wheelchair access to all parts of the school
Improve educational experiences for visually impaired pupils HT/Senco/


Ensure blinds in all classes are effective

Develop sensory garden.

Maintenance costs ongoing Teaching aids, white boards etc, more easily seen & learning experiences of pupils enhanced.
Improve the quality of provision for children with specific special needs. SENCo / caretaker/ HT Provide a tranquil space where children who suffer from over stimulation can receive supervision appropriate to their needs. Costs to develop area ongoing The school experience enhanced for children with specific special needs.
Maintain Safe Access around exterior of school Caretaker/ HT Ensure that pathways are kept clear of vegetation. Make sure grounds maintenance contractors know which areas to prioritise. Cost included in ground`s maintenance contract ongoing Disabled people to move unhindered along exterior pathways